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ASRock Kicks Off Mini PC Revolution At CES 2017 With The World's 1st Micro-STX DeskMini RX/GTX System

TAIPEI, Taiwan, JAN 17th, 2017 – Consumers nowadays are seeking for a tiny yet powerful computing gear. Hence, ASRock made its refresh DeskMini system debut at CES 2017 that introduces the world's first mini PC based on new Micro-STX form factor. This premium little gear features Intel's latest Core i7-7700K processor, the highly-recognized AMD RX470 MXM graphics card as well as 3 Ultra M.2 sockets. All incredible features available with an unbelievable 2.7- liters compact size.

The praised ASRock DeskMini RX/GTX Micro-STX PC has received tons of brilliant reviews from global IT media since debut. Editor of SFF Network, James Schell noted "The new Micro-STX motherboard that makes this all possible". ASRock committed on mini PC industry in past years; therefore there are many partners who are looking forward to co-develop next-gen mini PC with ASRock Micro-STX motherboard. The mini PC revolution just starts and ASRock is confident to be the pioneer to drive the future!

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